Wednesday, June 6, 2012

mercy and forgiveness

By their very meanings, mercy and forgiveness presume guilt and unworthiness of those very actions.  Right? Jesus tells us to forgive unlimited.  What, therefore, stops us from forgiving or being merciful?

Anger? Justice? Fear? Pride? Pain?

I think the question is not should I forgive/ have mercy, but how can I forgive? How do I accept a wrong, an injustice?

Lord, teach me to forgive.  Why does God forgive me? Love. Concern. Truth. Hope. Redemption.

These are the reasons I must forgive.  I must allow these reasons to sink deep into my soul and allow me to see others with the same perspective that I pray and beg God to see me with.

I have a little plaque in my home that says, "once you choose hope, anything is possible."

I choose hope!  I choose hope! I choose forgiveness, mercy, love, truth, and HOPE.  I choose hope in redemption.  I choose hope in purification.  I choose hope in goodness.

Lord, bring your grace and allow mercy to flow and reign in many wounded souls.

When I look back, blame, calculate and document the wrongs of others or even myself, I am STUCK.  When I look forward to healing, hope, goodness, change, joy there is freedom and exuberance.

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ashleyjeanlavana said...

mercy leads back to love