Saturday, January 19, 2013

Catholicism on the Rocks

Ok, here it is. Catholicism on the Rocks.  My new blog name.

I have not completely given up on Catholicism, but the door is shutting.

This is my first post as a non-practicing Catholic.  I never thought I would end up here, but here I am.

There are so many things I would like to explore in this space.  I want to gain insights about the possibility of morality without religion. Is it possible to take the goods from religion, and bring them to society without the supernatural aspects?

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

Hello Ashley, I'd like to read through your blog but I've had trouble with my eyes for years and the light-colored words on the dark red background make it difficult for me. I know it's an odd request, but do you think you could change your background color? Thanks for the consideration! - Lady M (super oddball blogger ;-)

Longshanks said...

Last unsolicited comment, I promise.

Maybe it would be useful to think about what goods Religions have taken and emphasized from human nature and sold back to us as dogma (while also keeping an eye on what evils they have done the same with)?

Toi Khong Biet said...

Cute.... You just like a little daughter wanting to get an answer from God... You said catholic this catholic that but if you read Jesus in the bible you will see that Jesus is not a typical catholics. I personally dont like typical catholics mindset and dont get along with them
.. But i am catholic.. I follow the church teaching. I also find Jesus in the bible is so different than typical catholics who are so self righteous and thinks they are the moral true standard. If you read the bible... You will see a Two brothers... One went away and came back... Another works in the Father house for so long... But when his brother came back he didnt accept his brother... That is what a typical catholic likes... They think they do enough for God and when a sinner or someone who is less holy than them enter the church.. They shut the dooe closed...