Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Questions I would like to ponder on this blog

Why are christians, all believers, afraid to not believe in god?

Why do we turn to god?

What are the benefits of belief?

What are the losses of belief, or neg consequences of believing?

Why should people not believe?

What should people do instead?

What are the consequences of faith in world?

What are the consequences of not having faith in the world?


Anonymous said...

Hello Ashley - After reading some of your posts (you have a beautiful family by the way) and reading your ABOUT, I'm still confused about the purpose of your blog. Are you looking to convert people to atheism or are you looking for someone to convert you back to Catholicism? I ask because you are obviously a well-educated woman.

I chose this post to respond to because I'm not a debater but I like to answer questions and after reading some of these, I felt like it was a college exam and I really want to ace it. :-) So here it goes.

Why are Christians, all believers, afraid to not believe in God? It's not so much the fear of not believing but rather the fear of God Himself. And this is because the fear of God keeps us back from sin. It was the fear of God that held back the aged Eleazar from eating swine's flesh. (2 Mach. vi. 26) He who fears God knows no other fear. The fear of God drives away fleshly lusts, and enables us to escape the snares of the devil. He who fears God casts aside all attachment to things of the earth. "The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom." (Ps. cx. 10) The fear of man is full of bitterness and makes a man a slave; the fear of God is full of sweetness, and makes him a free man. The fear of God brings with it honor and glory; it is crowned with joy and gladness, it gladdens the heart, and gives strength and happiness and long life. "Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord." (Ps. cxi. 1)

Why do we turn to God? We turn to God because He made us and we love Him. Saint John says, "He that loveth not, abideth in death." (1 John iii. 14) And Saint Augustine goes further, "As we require two feet to walk, so we must have the love of God and of our neighbor if we would reach heaven, and enter into the presence of God.

What are the benefits of belief? One who believes tries to follow the commandments of God and derives benefits from doing so. He who observes God's commandments obtains interior content, health, honor, riches and a more intimate knowledge of God. David said to God, "Much peace have they that love Thy law, and to them there is no stumbling block." (Ps. cxviii. 165) He who keeps God's commandments triumphs over sufferings and persecutions. "Only by the bridge of obedience can we enter into heaven; it is a bridge with ten arches." (Saint Vincent Ferrer)

What are the consequences of faith in world? Well, to name a few, Saint Augustine was converted by the preaching of Saint Ambrose in the Cathedral of Milan, Saint Ignatius of Loyola by reading the lives of the saints, the Ethiopian eunuch by his conversation with Saint Philip. The great cross that the Emperor Constantine saw in the sky, with the words "In hoc signo vinces," and the vision of Our Lady that Ratisbonne saw in the Church of Saint Andrea in Rome in the year 1842. Theophilus was converted by the roses that fell at his feet in the month of January, after the martyrdom of his friend Dorothea (308 A.D.). The consequence can further be read about in their bios.

I skipped questions that didn't pertain to Christianity and the last question because I ran out of time (baby needs to be fed :-). But after writing all of that, I'm pretty sure you already knew the answers, seeing that you have a degree in theology.

I find you interesting but I don't debate. I'm better at just answering questions. I don't push my Faith on anyone else. I don't judge anyone who doesn't agree with me. I do the best I can with what God gave me. To me, things are either black or white with very few grey areas. We all have free will and with mine I choose to believe. For me it's that simple.

ashleyjeanlavana said...

Hi Lady M. I really enjoyed looking over your blog! You make me laugh and give me hope that I too can make it with lots of kiddos! They seem happy and fun.

What's the purpose of this blog? Well, I have truly had a HUGE experience in the past 6 months, with the previous 7 years to be quite a ride as well. When I became Catholic, I was convinced.

Living out the faith has been very challenging, but I never lost faith. I have had a ton of benefits from my faith and some difficulties.

I really don't like debating either. I don't want to debate. I just really want to see what others think about these things. Also, I would like to get turned to some new sources of possible inspiration. Because I have done extensive reading of a lot of popular and classic books.

I think some of the people I was speaking with on another blog really assumed I had little understanding of faith, or they just gave me the wrote answers (which I know for them mean a lot!) But, I am grateful to have a few friends who know my history and my authenticity of faith and are trying to go a bit deeper with me.

I am going to look at that Christian Mothers book you typed up and got in a tizzy over. :) (Sorry that happened).

Those are the kinds of things I hope to learn. No, I do not want to convert anyone away from Catholicism. If it is challenging what I am saying, then I am ok with that. What I am doing is throwing out there my current train of thought and seeing what bounces back.

If I could get a more balanced, wholesome Catholic faith in return or just a confirmation that I have thought it through as best that I could, I would consider my time here an investment.

Thank you for your answers. I am going to write responses for the questions as well, as to what, for me, all of these things meant as I was contemplating giving up the faith.

Thank you a lot. Thanks for sharing your life on your blog as well!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, you sound like such a sweet lady and honestly, I'm glad I found you. :-) I forgot to include this post which explains how my family and I practice our Faith. Although I must warn you I'm sarcastic to the point of annoyance in it. ;-)

After you read it, you'll see we're not your typical Catholic family so I guess you and I are similar but at opposite ends of the spectrum. Ah, we'll be oddballs together!