Thursday, February 14, 2013

Darwin and Religion and Lent

I have noticed that while religion seeks to debunk pure evolution and natural explanations for the world we experience, it also strictly adheres to those principles even more than people who completely reject religion.

 I had a revelation yesterday. In a similar way, atheists accept that we are made from natural means and will one day die and go back to nature. Nonbelievers do not anticipate anything after death.  They embrace "dust to dust."  But ironically, the believers, thinking specifically of Catholics in this case, who believe in eternal life and the resurrection of the dead, are encouraged to go to Ash Wednesday Mass to receive their ashes.  "Dust to dust" they say.   Fooey.  They don't believe that.    They teach our bodies will rise again. Why do they push it?

And then we have Catholics preaching openness to life, which I am all for within reason.  I find it interesting that the proponents of Darwin and naturalism believe we have gotten where we are through procreating and passing on the genes, but they are willing to use contraception to not continue this "natural" process. But Catholics, who believe that we were made this special (with reason) by divine intervention, refuse to use reason and human innovation to intervene in the natural process. Richard Dawkins says all the time that he thanks natural selection that we've gotten this far, but that he doesn't think it is most likely best to continue to choose the "survival of the fittest" mentality to make choices going forward.

So who really is following the Darwinian model?  De facto - religious.  I just find it interesting.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Extreme Philosophies

Extremes. They can be dangerous right?  I think of the LDS church and the men with multiple brides and underage marriages (here ).  I think of the scrupulousness of Catholicism and the self suffering that believers have chosen to endure (here).  But I also think of some things I have read recently by Peter Singer (here). 

Some religious persons have told me that non belief in God will end in nihilism or being immoral such as Singer.  My thought is, can't both or any ideology take you to pits of human imagination?  Is there proof that religion always makes people more moral?  Is there any proof that being religious actually leads to a more moral life? 

How can a Catholic explain Fr. Maciel of the Legionaries?  Here is this man, second to the Pope. I remember when I had many friends who were members of Regnum Cristi or the Legionaries. They would wax eloquently about how their order was so holy the priests were ordained by the Pope himself.  They were not under a Diocese. Does any one see a huge coincidence?  Here we have one of the most corrupt religious founders I know of and he is second only to the Pope. Could it be a coincidence?  I think not. And for me, it causes a shadow to fall over JPII.  How could he not have known? 

I could go on.  But I would like to hear from others on why they think it is more likely or less likely to be moral and good with or without religion. What proof do you have? 

Friday, February 8, 2013


Oh man,

How exhausting.  I just left a website of a well meaning lady who cannot accept how people who do not believe in God can find happiness.

I find peoples desire to embrace their delusions to the point of thinking that the people who reject their delusions irrational so sad.  It's like they are in their own little prison continually locking the door least they escape.

I was there.  I remember. I debated so much with so many.  I thought I had all the answers. I feel sorry for whoever had to put up with me all those years!  Sorry!!!!

What are you afraid of? Losing all control? That the world will in fact stop if you accept that what you believe is a farce?

A good friend and loving man recently wrote me of hell and the devil.  I feel so sorry for the people that are bound by such outlandish phantasms.   How can this kind of paranoid unreal mentality be more appealing than finding peace in reality?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Feigned Morality

One of the land mines on the road to abandoned faith for me was the feigned morality and holiness of Christians. There is especially one person I am thinking of in regards to lack of genuine morality and care.  Why does this person matter so much? He has been respected and a leader in our local Catholic community for being a fine upstanding Catholic.    He takes it upon himself to counsel and guide and basically dictate the behavior of gullible souls.  I also notice that he preys upon the young and the old.  I have developed a sinister attitude towards him because I have known him very well.   For whatever reason he has been real enough with me to expose the inner workings of his disturbed mind.  It's not pretty.

Catholicism is very critical. As a Catholic, I saw the spectrum of acceptable and good people closing all the time.  More and more I had judgments and resentments against most of society.  The saddest part about this superior attitude in the world is the fact that it fails to notice the hypocrite making the accusations.  If this dilemma was limited to myself or a select few Christians I could accept it as the fault of the persons.  But, it permeates the Church.

I am not suggesting there is no need for morality or for efforts to be better people.  What I am tired of are the self proclaimed leaders of the Church feigning holiness, pronouncing judgment, and accepting accolades.  The priesthood, we all know, is no better.  Over the years, I have known or met many priests.  Thankfully, I have met some wonderful priests.  The most holy of them have known that they are imperfect and strive to be very humble.   My favorites are an alcoholic, a man who almost left the Church to get married, and a former drug user.  There is a level of humility in the foundations of these peoples faith that, in my experience, has kept them real.

I started to feel like more and more the priests I met were either arrogant, aloof, testy, self righteous, in-genuine,  or let me just say it, gay.  I have known many gay people in my life and I have had very good and warm friendships with gay people.  I am not saying that I think it is a completely fine lifestyle, but what I am saying is, that I am not judging being gay in general.  What I think it disgusting and unacceptable is gay people who wear a Roman collar and profess to abhor the lifestyle.  Not only does that make you ineffective in your role as a priest, it makes you a liar and deceiver.  What possible motivation do these people have?  I am beyond explanation.  But I will not pretend that it is not obvious they are gay.  I will not allow my sons to be alter boys with priests whose only apparent link to spiritual goodness is the clothes they wear.

I am sorry this is a negative post. But the truth must be faced.  The leaders of the Church quite often are not holy.

People will argue that the Church is made up of human and divine. Fine, but the claims of the church are that it can transform the sinfulness of people and bring them to divine light.   Perhaps it's method is ineffective.