Thursday, March 14, 2013

Atheist to Catholic conversions

I read a book last night that compiled a lot of atheist to Catholic conversion stories.  Some of the stories were very moving.  Many of these people have happier lives after faith than before.  The one story that I can relate to is that of the Raving Atheist.

He was first compassionate to pro-life issues and noticed many people in the atheist community lacking in morality.  He noticed the love of Christians and people that faith brings.  I definitely understand this.  This is surely a result of belief at times, not always.  I really do not want to change most of my morals and my pro-life stance as a nonbeliever.

But still, it seems fairly clear that much of the "reasons" these people chose to believe was based on anecdotal evidence.  In almost every story there was a boyfriend, spouse or close friend who was a believer.  I think there is a bit of coercion toward faith if it is a major thing separating a couple.  For me personally, my husband still obviously believes very strongly.  I know that I am staying more open to faith due to my relationship with him.

What if these people had not had a close relationship influenced by Catholicism, but rather Islam?  If you check out the internet there are tons of conversion stories to Islam.  These people have very similar reasons to believe.

At this point, it still seems very coincidental, as in my own life.


Cory said...

AJL: What if these people had not had a close relationship influenced by Catholicism, but rather Islam? If you check out the internet there are tons of conversion stories to Islam. These people have very similar reasons to believe.

Cory: This statement is just so lacking in reason.
Firstly, it assumes that had they met a Muslim they would have become a Muslim. You are doing a disservice to these converts by assuming tha they are too stupid to assess the truth claims being presented to them and only converted because of friendship.

Maybe that is what happened to you and the reason now why you are an atheists. But others have a better grasp of reason and logic and have converted because they finally recognized the Truth.

ajl said...

Cory! you're awesome... thanks for dismissing what I am saying!

Why don't you pursue my statements? Obviously people can reason and choose things for various reasons.

Anonymous said...

What exactly are those statements that I should pursue?

This is precisely the problem with your posts. They are terribly short on reason.

In fact, I did engage what you wrote and the lameness of your assertion that it is because the met a Catholic that they liked so they converted.

You have in fact dismissed the many reasoned and well thought accounts of converts in their search for truth which really only got answered in Catholicism.

So yes, I dismissed what you are saying because you have not presented anything substantial. Just bad logic.

In your other post regarding Fulwiler, it seems you did not read her story at all because her story is an an intelligent assesment of Catholicism.

Yours on the other hand is just based on feelings and what I think maybe serious scrupulosity.

So yes, if you don't want your statements dismissed then do put some meat into your posts. Make logical arguments.

And yes, I would love to engage your arguments when you finally make them.

Looking forward to it.

Sorry for the late reply. I have not been checking your blog and have no way of knowing whether you responded at all unless I check it.

But I do hope that you search for truth. I mean really search for truth.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is Cory.

that was my reply (at 7:25 AM June 5, 2018)
I forgot to put my name.