Friday, March 29, 2013

On Easter and the need for Jesus.

This Easter is especially different for me.  For the last four or five Easters I have had less and less a sense of connection with the spirituality surrounding the season of Lent and Easter and more a realization that they had very little to do with my real life.

The disconnect between my husbands understanding of faith and my own is growing.  I want to teach my children to love and care for others and be humble.  But I also do not want to teach them that it is ok to allow people to suffer for some greater good. This is in essence what Easter does.  Yes, there are times when a hero is needed.  It is noble to risk ones life for another, but too often I see this manifest in peoples life to mean that we need to jump through certain hopes and rituals and penances.

Is the need for Christ's death similar to that of child sacrifice?  Why would God need a death to appease him? Is he not all powerful? Why does this make sense?  It doesn't to me, at least not right now.


fRED said...

The whole Jesus thing doesn't make any sense to me. I mean if Jesus really was God than of course he could rise from the dead but what is the point? Plus, no one saw the resurrection and Jesus disappeared soon after. I don't understand how this saves us. So far, I have not encountered any good explanation.

I get the point of mystery but why should belief in Jesus be a criteria for ETERNAL reward or damnation?

If people are "following" Jesus to avoid hell, are they really true believers?

I hope that you and your husband can find some common ground on this. I think it is possible, especially if the focus is on the positive aspects of life such as the golden rule. Accentuate the positive.

Do you still attend mass?

For your children's sake, it might be important to present a unified front and attend mass as a family. No need to take communion (for that would be disrespectful).

I hope that you can find peace.

fRED said...

Have you considered that your position about God/Christianity might be a reflection (perhaps unconscious) of your relationship with your husband? Is this a "safe" way to create distance without having to confront critical issues that you are struggling with? Is this an identity crisis?

In any case, how your beliefs affect your husband and children and your role as wife and husband require serious consideration. I hope that you will work to save your marriage and family. From what you show on the your blog, you appear to have a real treasure worth saving.

AJL said...

Thank you fRED. I have been very busy with family and am just checking in. There are many issues at work in our family. That is sure.

My family is very precious. I am doing all I can to preserve it!


Dennis A. said...

You're quite right of course. Easter is a relic of the ancient cults of human sacrifice that the Christian faith is rooted in.