Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finally meeting nonbelievers

I attended my first freethinkers meeting last night.  I was concerned there may be some satanic looking folks there, or scary weirdos   But low and behold, a bunch of normalish looking folks.  Most of them were older than me and actually conservative and peaceful.  Good bye stereotypes.

I am very excited because I can tell I have a lot to learn from these folks.  It's nice just to know that I am not being looked down upon because I do not believe.  Actually, I think I got a few pity looks because I have gotten myself in such a bind out of religious obedience.

Oh well, onward we go.

Here's to the future and today!


fRED said...

Best of luck with this group.

I'm curious how you found out about the group and what goes on at the meeting/s. I could use some community and there is only so much religion that I can tolerate before I scream.

This week I visited the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC. It is a gorgeous place-the artwork is stunning. But in a way it is a bit sad that so many people are wrapped up in this mythology (only they don't see it as myth-I guess that is how BO got re-elected).

I sat in on the end of a weekday mass and I felt sorry for the ignorance of the attendees and bit po'd at the clergy for engaging the poor folks in such a con game (and not even bothering to put some enthusiasm and vigor into the service-it was a weak show).

I recently finished reading "The Letter to the Hebrews." I thought there were some good things in there but doubt that most RCs have any idea about it-b/c they likely have not read it or thought about it if they did. The RC Church certainly doesn't practice a whole lot of what's in there (especially the last chapter). Reminds my of the promises that politicians make during the campaign. Then after the election everyone forgets about them.

fRED said...

I don't know why the system is publishing 2 comments when I only submit 1. I'm sorry.

AJL said...

Hey, thanks fRED.

I have been to the Shrine in DC. It is beautiful. You're right, most priests hardly try to make it engaging because I think they are struggling to believe it as much as the next person. It's really a vicious circle.

Most of my RC friends read the Bible. I think the good points and guidelines in the Bible are the only things that keep people coming. That and guilt and fear.

I found this group through a Free Thinkers society. Look up Humanist groups, look up Unitarian groups, and Free Thinkers. Maybe you'll find something.