Monday, August 5, 2013

fortress of reasons to believe

When I was young and was trying to make sense of the world, I looked to the Catholic Church.  It had time, peoples, size, money, structure, stories, influence, guidelines, literature, on and on.

Most people in my life taught me to assume that there was a God. The only debate was, which one or how is best to relate to God.  Of course, I did my research and found the one that seemed most reasonable to me.

A fellow recently suggested my looking more into the teachings of St. Thomas to see how belief in God can be based directly upon reason.  I have done this to some degree. The "Summa of the Summa" sits next to me on my book shelf.  But, other than the premises for that logic being a leap of faith (who did it, instead of what did it), this logic in no way gives any reason for beliefs in other supernatural ideas such as angels, demons, heaven, hell, the afterlife, effectiveness of prayer, sin, virtue (as in relation to God), holiness, etc.  This is my understanding.

Ultimately, it takes a leap of faith to go from a basic openness to a possibility of God to a very set standard and belief system such as Catholicism.