Monday, October 21, 2013

It's been a Year

It's been a year since I stopped going to church and chose to let go of my belief in a God.

Life is still beautiful.  I am more and more in awe of this world and the amazing reality we are so privileged to be a part of.  Without supernatural paranoia, I am able to be rational about life and not seek some mumbo-jumbo for significance.

I do not regret my decision. I haven't changed my mind.  As I walk down this road reality becomes clearer. I feel more and more sorry for believers, but I completely understand them.  Well, I am starting to forget. The absurdity of religion becomes more evident everyday.  My sixth child is about to be baptized. I am not at all interested in being there. I do think it is sweet that dear friends want to have a significant role in my child's life.  That is special and beautiful.

I do wish community was easier had without religion.  But, I am slowly finding it.  I am a part of a Free Thinkers book club where I am able to learn and share with some of the most interesting and intelligent people, not to mention kind and quite "normal."   I am also grateful to be a part of The Clergy Project, an online community for former ministers and clergy.  It has been a big consolation during this time of transition.

Life is Good.  Happy Anniversary to me!


Bill S said...

I'm happy for you. I can't quite cut the chord.

Ann Sherri Ratcliffe said...

BUt, if you truly don't believe anymore, why are you baptizing your children?

Bill S said...

I think I can appreciate why the baby is being baptized. It is not worth the trauma to believers not to go along with it even if it is meaningless.

AJL said...

Ann, it's what my husband wants. Yes, it's not worth it to protest. Btw, thanks for reading.

fRED said...

Yes. It is good for you to accommodate your husband and family regarding the baptism of your new child. It is not worth a fight over such a triviality. After all, it is just a ritual and the child has no choice in the matter.

Your husband is required to have extraordinary patience in dealing with your shift. However, that is what marriage is all about and he signed on for better or worse and for all time (and so did you). The trick is keep connected. But if you think about it, it shouldn't be the big deal that it may be. Each one of us is filled with contradictions and mixed feelings. So why shouldn't a marriage have similar ingredients. Moderation and Variety. Christianity is supposed to be about Love not religion. And "Love is all you need."

fRED said...


May the Almighty Power (or whatever) bless you and your family [read as "good wishes for you and yours"].

Of course, you must go to the Baptism. No biggy - it's only a silly ritual. No worse than making a wish when you blow out the candles on a birthday cake.

May you find patience and courage and strength.

Perhaps thinking of "believers" as little children (mentally or something) might help to make it easier in dealing with them.

May the Force be with you (or something like that).