Sunday, January 12, 2014

you choose

Which makes more sense....

We are one of many types of animals on this planet that have instincts to survive. One day we will die and the universe will go on without us.


God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him should NOT die but have everlasting life.

Which sounds like good news?  Of course the gospel sounds like good news, if it wasn't complete nonsense. I don't want to die.  I want someone to look after all of my choices and have a plan for me.  I don't want to admit I am one of many vulnerable beings in this huge world.  I want to see all of reality when I die and live in paradise.  But, I just don't think it is reality. In fact, when one steps out of the bubble of faith, it becomes almost immediately very clear that it is all made up.

I wish we as humans could invest in ways of building positive society without nonsense.


Bill S said...

The first statement makes all the sense in the world and the second is wishful thinking and foolish.

Is it true that the wisdom of God is foolishness to us? Or do we just recognize foolishness when we see it when we are no longer brainwashed by religion?

fRED said...

Why should we be limited to these two approaches?

Restricting choices assumes that one is True and the other False (or at least one is truer than the other). What if they are both right? What if they are both wrong? How about both being a bit off target?

I, too, want a savior. Everyday I find myself crying out to God, begging for help, rescue, love, security, comfort,etc. I also curse God for the silence.

What keeps me going is the example of children. As babies, they can't communicate well with their parents. They are limited to crying, moaning, groaning, gurgling, etc. Gradually, over time, they learn a basic vocabulary in order to communicate with their caretakers. Even after years of growth and development, a child often has difficulty communicating (understanding) its parents despite speaking the same language. If this is representative of the human relationship, then what how much more complex would be the relationship between a human being and the supernatural realm.

I want to find truth. I think it arrogant and foolish to assume that human beings have reached a state where we have all the answers.

"I wish we as humans could invest in ways of building positive society without nonsense."

I agree. But as humans, each one of us has inherent "nonsense." I think that is a function of our individuality, our own experiences that no one else can really "know", even those who have lived through the same events, shoulder to shoulder. We see things through our own glasses.

I just listened to a mp3 of an interview with British philosopher Alain de Botton [] about his book, "Religion for Atheists" []. Why throw the baby out with the bath water?

AJL said...

I hear you fred, but for my sanity, I had to let go of wishful thinking. I must live as though this world is all there is. It was much too hard seeking Divine meaning and purpose in the everyday. I truly believe there isn't any. Perhaps this will change. But, I can't hope for it.

I grew up thinking that God made us in his image.. I now believe, through reason, that we have made God in ours. Instead of loving our parents like we love God. We seek a God to take care of us as our parents did while we were children. When we were young our parents knew all the answers. We looked to them for truth. Wouldn't it be great if we still had a Daddy in the sky?

Other than stories, there's not much evidence that points to it as true.

It is understandable that humans seek Divine meaning. Our lives are so short and changing. They are unstable and scary. We are living cognitive beings at the mercy of a volatile world. We do not have all the answers. But, we have reached a state as humans where we don't need to make up myths to explain reality.