Monday, February 10, 2014

Moving On

I have come to an understanding that when someone comes to the conclusion that religion is a myth, a major transition needs to take place in that person's way of thinking.  As for me, this blog was my attempt to process it.  This blog, Catholicism on the Rocks, was subtitled, "taking a break and thinking it through." Well now, I've thought it through.  But, I see, I am not alone.

I've noticed many others feel the need to just "get it out there" that they don't believe anymore and why and what ramifications this has for them and others in the world.  Why is this? Is it perhaps because such self identity is based in religion? For example, there are answers for everything.  Who am I? God's child.  Why am I here? To know and Love God. What am I to do?  God's will.  Now that we are free from faith, we must redefine who we are and what we believe to ourselves and to others.

But, this doesn't necessarily last forever. At some point we are over it. Now, discussing it becomes optional.  We can move on with life and what we want to make of it without constantly referencing our former lives. So, here I am, moving on!  To life!


Bill S said...

"Why is this? Is it perhaps because such self identity is based in religion?"

That's where I'm at. To change in accordance to my new worldview, I need to express it but I can't. I've told my wife and a couple of close friends and that is it. I'm stuck and don't know what to do.

fRED said...


"I've thought it through...discussing it becomes optional...we can move on with here I am, moving on...!"

This brings to my mind images of my bicycling days. I have been riding with a group of other riders on an organized ride but now we are stopped because we are not sure which way to go. The directions we have been given have proven to be inadequate. Some think we are supposed to go one direction while another bunch has thinks a different way. I am not sure either is correct. I am faced with a choice. Which group do I go with or do I strike out on my own?

My decision depended a lot with whom I was riding with and their thoughts. Was I willing to abandon my friend if I believed the wrong direction was selected?

Today I am living alone. I am alone because society decided to go in one direction and I am left pondering which way do I go. I did not chose to be alone, I did not want to be alone. What am I willing to pay, to give up, to sacrifice in order to not be alone? Which way is better?

There is no absolute right answer except, "it depends..."

Meanwhile, we travel the road of life. We've discovered the wizard is a fraud. So how do we get back to where we once belonged? to go "home"? to find our love? to find warmth, security, and hope for a future? Where are my ruby slippers?

"To Life!" reminds me of the "Fiddler on the Roof". I just read the lyrics...very existentialist.

There's politics and family involved here too but that is another comment. No man/person is an island.

George Harrison's "What is Life?" song raises the issue of love and identity and purpose. There is so much to consider.

Perhaps religion has failed us because it has rejected God (the "true" God) and replace it with a sort of spiritual fascism.It is logical to reject Religion's version of God but is the only alternative no God? What are the options? What is our hope?

Bill S said...

The way I see it as, if we insist on having a transcendent being that we call "God", then we have to admit that just about everything that is said about this God in religion is wrong. I don't call it "God". I call it "Nature".

Who designed your cardiovascular system? Nature (and it's a "what" not a "who" and an "it" not a "he".

What caused the Big Bang? Nature.

Where do the Laws of Nature come from? Nature.

Now if someone insist that I call Nature "God", I will. But don't expect me to accept everything said about this God.

Thank God, God bless America. Yeah, whatever.

Mary said...

I love you, Ashley!


AJL said...

Bill, I am sorry you are stuck! I have found meeting with others who also ponder these things and see through the delusion helps a lot. I encourage you to find some like-minded individuals to spend some time with!

fRED, I like the road analogy. and it depends is definitely a good answer!

Mary! I love you too!