Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Logical Fallacies

short and sweet intro to logical fallacies


fRED said...

2 minutes is easier for me to swallow (than 39 minutes).

Are you attempting to debate people about Christianity? Good luck. If there is no logic in it (their belief) to begin with, why will logic convince them otherwise?

Christianity is an accepted cultural institution. It has been around for centuries and will continue as long as Western Civilization exists (and who knows how long that will be?).

I think it is ironic how so many "nones" know more about Christianity than so-called "Christians."

Christianity is a crutch and we all have and need crutches that work for us (or give us the impression that they work).

Why are Christians so afraid of God? They are afraid that God is going to make them suffer eternally. But as human parents know, even when we are frustrated with our children, we would never condemn then to suffer for eternity (maybe a timeout - purgatory?).

Who knows what the divine power is? Probably something that a human will never be able to experience or comprehend.

Christianity is just a mystery religion stuck in first gear.

fRED said...

Happy New Year AJL. I hope you (all) are well. I miss your posts. Best to you and yours in 2015. fRED

AJL said...

Thanks fRED. Just checking back in after a big move across the country! I hope to be back in with some good content!