Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hanging on by a thread

I am so grateful to be free from religion!  Sometimes I get the creeps from my former mythical delusions.  I may think, "what if", "who knows" or I wish that there was a bigger meaning.   But these days it is so short lived or filled with such memories of horror that it is easily dismissed.  My former tendency towards faith is "hanging on by a thread." I am not sure if it will ever be completely gone, but I am so glad to not have to struggle with it further!

Over the past few months I have been observing people who I encounter with claims of faith.  Lately I see in them such a trend towards feelings of powerlessness or desire for magic or just an easy answer.  They have guilt for some reason that they want to sooth.  I wish I could help people to not give up hope because life is hard.  We live in an age where there are many REAL resources for helping improve our situations.  And if there are no real resources, we have no need to feel guilt for wishing to escape horrible circumstances.

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fRED said...

Hi. Welcome back. Good to see ya. I was afraid that you had given up and returned to "the Church." Guess not. Glad to see that you're still hanging on.