Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Memes -why Religions spread

I think this video may have been one of the most formative talks in helping me to understand just what happened to me when I became a Catholic. None of my family was Catholic except my step-father, but he was not a practicing Catholic.

This idea came to me in the form of information and community.  It spread itself through its' hosts.

I hope many will take the time consider this talk by Dan Dennett:

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fRED said...

Dan Dennett is a "Bright" fellow.

The basic concept here reminds me of "You are what you eat." That can be positive if what you eat is good for you. However, the value of most of our "food" is questionable at best.

Prof Edwin Curtin writes [] "What is the explanation for the brainwashing of so many Americans...? Why are so many so easily duped time and again?"

"Invade people’s minds over many years with an ongoing series of interconnected memes, occupy their minds with alleged facts that induce a frenzied depression, and then fooling them on specific issues becomes much easier."

"Americans have internalized the ethos presented to them by the elites. At the core of this is the propaganda of scientific materialism and biological determinism that we are not free but are victims of our genes, neurotransmitters, brain/computers and chemicals, technology, etc. Having lost our minds and fixated on our brains, we have been taught to be determined to be determined, not free. And whether consciously or unconsciously, most have obliged."

"I would suggest that for people to break through to a true understanding of the important public events of our time, they must also come to understand the false memes of their culture, the way they have been mindwashed to believe that at the most rudimentary level they are not free."

[A great article worth reading in its entirety.]

To some extent, you have broken free while the other ants continue to climb the grass blade waiting to be eaten by the cow.

What does this mean in the whole scheme of things? I wish I knew. What is real? What is true? I think the Hindus say that this life is just an illusion; Nothing is real. Who knows?