Friday, February 19, 2016

Married to a Believer

I am married to a believer. It's tough. Tough because, any time he mentions religious subjects, goes to church, prays with my kids, it is a trigger of my past. I have to swallow and endure something I do not believe in.  I would love to move forward and leave behind my religious past. I would like to forget all the hours I spent seeking God's will or trying to understand theological metaphysics.  Talk about following a rainbow.

So, why do I stay?  I love him for who he is and what his intentions are.  He is there for me.  He supports me and cares for me when I am sick.  He loves my kids and they love us.  We enjoy many things together.  We have history.

Sometimes it is very hard. He doesn't understand my point of view on faith.  We almost have to avoid the subject completely. I have to work hard to make sure I stand up for myself and not let religion still control too much of my life.  It's a sacrifice.  I hope it is a good one.


fRED said...
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fRED said...
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fRED said...

Wow. I just peeked at your website today (2/20) because today is my birthday and I wanted to share some stuff that I have learned recently. Wow. Utah. Seems like you just moved to the West Coast. Hope you can stay in place long enough to remain sane.

In my opinion marriage is the most important thing (even before children). I admire you for persevering with your marriage. I wish my (former) wife had worked with me to stay married. Our son has suffered the most from the divorce.

Marriage is the reason for my comment today. I recently rewatched the 1976 SF movie "Logan's Run." I posted a short piece on my blog bc with this recent viewing I saw a very pro-life and marriage theme. I was initially attracted to the movie due to its attack against institutional religion. This time I was very taken by the aspect of "Beloved Wife-Beloved Husband."

As a result of watching the movie, I found a very interesting, provocative set of essays relating the themes in the movie to personal development, religion, politics, etc. They are at:
I know that your time is limited but perhaps you might find all this worthwhile.

You and your family are in my thoughts frequently and I wish all of you well.