Sunday, March 13, 2016

a safe place to land

One thing that really annoys me about religions is how they draw in young people. They seem to offer a secure place to land and mingle.  They offer history and "answers."  Young people who just want to be accepted and feel a part of something are sucked in without thinking of the long term ramifications.

These groups "love bomb." The young person feels accepted and comforted. Then comes the drama...  There are rules and beliefs. There are differences between their supernatural story and others. Now the young person is faced with a dilemma between friends and social comfort and religious beliefs. More and more effort is poured into trying to prove that their religious circle is right. Because, if it were not, then that would mean that they might have to abandon their comfort zone and friends and events. 

The other option is to stick your head in the sand, Pretend you don't care about these inconvenient issues and carry on.  This is all fine and good typically until years down the road when the ramifications of these beliefs play out and now there is no way to escape the consequences.  Then these issues begin influencing political parties, others freedoms, racism, and future generations.

Perhaps if more secular opportunities arose where young people could be accepted, nurtured, and given a safe place to grow up, then youth wouldn't fall into religion so easily.  But, unfortunately, what I see too often among secular endeavors is profit seeking, people using, social sucks that use up young people and spit them out worse than most religions. 

There is no easy answer.    If only people weren't selfish.  Regardless, it doesn't make religion any more true or any less problematic.   

I believe things like sports, schools, recreation, science, and arts can provide these opportunities to meet and thrive and grow for young and old. There are also just the other social services and volunteer groups.  I hope for a day when we can attain altruistic, social benefits of groups without goofy supernatural beliefs and rules or selfish money seeking frauds that separate, use and consume.

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