Saturday, April 2, 2016

evil intentions

What is responsibility?  When would it be more evil to bring a child into this world than to terminate a growing pregnancy?   I am not here trying to argue that the life isn't unique, amazing, full of potential.  What I am arguing is that it would be evil to allow that child to continue to grow given some circumstances.  Some examples: 

If the parents are incapable of raising the child with love and compassion. For example if the parents struggle with mental illness or violence. 

If there is a very real chance of starvation or physical disease. 

That child has severe disabilities and will be completely helpless without the care of others for much of their lives. 

If there is war and ongoing violence and fear. 

If the children will grow up in fear and confusion due to arguing and unstable homes. 

For me this issue has become comparable to euthanasia. To me death is not the most horrible thing that could happen to a person, but extreme suffering is. 

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