Monday, May 9, 2016

Catholics, can you relate?

Why is it that we can see the brainwashing in other cultures and religions but not in our own. In our own, we think we have the right answers.  Get to know the world. Get out of your Catholic bubble.


Toi Khong Biet said...

Ashley... I heard you on the radio today on Patrick show... I am catholic... I think you have a problem with catholic than with God or religion. A typical religious is self rightous and i think that is what you opposed... I studied world religion..
The human mind can grasp some truth but not fully until Jesus comes along... Jesus is thr fullness of all truth... Like you said in Himduism.. The doctrine in this religion is Brahman... The Ultimate reality... Ok... That is true... And it coincide with Catholic... In the bible... God reveal to Abraham "I Am Who I Am" which interpret as God is the present the Ultimate Now the Ultimate reality... Then Jesus fully reveal Himself as " I Am the way the truth and the Life"... Now you question... How can you know which religion is true? You know it by confirmation... The reality of our lives will confirm the doctrine... And you will see that no truth is oneness and consistent... I can claim the truth and you can claim the truth but the reality will not confirm my truthness nor your truthness... Jesus saud that if " you that believe me.. Believe in his work" ... What is his work? His work is consistent with reality... And He also said that " God the Father" confirm his work... Which means Jesus is the reality.. The way He dies... Who betrayed him... And so on is all foretold in the old testament... And Jesus makes the reality of the foretold came to life... Only God can have that power to influence reality... In my personal life... I prayed all the time... I think about God ... And talk to Him constantly... And many time i need something like help fixing a car or question about math or fast shipment from my orders... I always get it. And i know Jesus has power to over reality .... God takes care of us even before we open our mouth to ask... And i see its true... The bible and word of God has to be lived out in order for us to understand and believe... It is not a book for intellectual studied only... Anyways i got to go... Hope it helps... God bless and peace be with u... Annonymous from san jose

ajl said...

Thanks for your comment. Your belief in the "health and wealth" doctrine is in no way Catholic. Besides the fact that it is biblical. But, religion is so confusing, anyone can find anything they want in it.