Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mom Blogs

Mom blogs are on my mind, Catholic ones in particular.   A few years ago, I stopped reading them, but I couldn't remember why.

Oh, I remember now.  One reoccurring theme I see is a sense of denial at the absolute absurdity of the struggle we put on ourselves to gratefully find God's divine will for selflessness and purification through our exhaustion and stress.

Ok, that was a long sentence. But, what I mean is.  Sometimes, we are just tired, and that is OK. Sometimes, we have placed too much on our plates and there is no lesson besides, "wake up stupid."  Sometimes, life throws us a hard ball and we are left trying to figure out what is more important, feeding the kids and doing laundry or taking our child to a specialist that will make their lives more bearable.

Trust me, if you haven't dealt with the medical world, trying to fight for basic life decency for a child or spouse or parent, you don't know stress.  Well, maybe you do, let me know.

The thing that just IRKS me is this mindless "God works in mysterious ways", "trust in the Lord", "offer your suffering up" crap that keeps too many of us enslaved in exhausting circumstances.

You know, life has a lot of real problems besides trying to figure out how you are gonna feed 5, 10 plus kids. I mean, we have wars and radicals. When we act like radicals, it doesn't help spread reason very much.

Ok, I got it out.  Moms, give yourselves a break. Once I finally admitted I am only human, life got a lot more tolerable.


fRED said...

In some ways, Roman Catholic Mom blogs are sadly humorous in that they seem to be trying to outdo each other in portraying how holy and/or wise they are. It's absurd. Then, there are the portrayals of "Super Mom": Taking care of a gaggle of kids without breaking a sweat and then having time to go to the gym to work out (in order to maintain a sexy bod) and have a glass of wine with the gals. Unreal!

That being said, I think you are off target in blaming this on "God." If you want to blame this on our contemporary religion, than I agree. Religion today is just another name for politics but politics in the sense of having power and control. In our time, we see Pope Francis trying to position the RCChurch to be aligned with enough of Western values so as to maintain some sort of position of power and control. The Pope is being just subtle enough to fool most of the mindless morons who have been trained to do as their told (within reason). The TRADs, though, see through this but are too scared and impotent to do anything but grovel and whine.

Healthcare and public education are merely tools of those in Power to wear us out into submission. Having to wait and file paperwork and do it again and again is the bane of the military.

God's mysterious ways and offering it up are merely stoic techniques to deal with the inexplicable curve balls life throws at us (some more than others I'm afraid). When one removes the stoic approach, despair has a tendency to creep in because there is hardly anyone to blame except oneself. I would much rather give it (the blame) over to God: "Thanks a bunch."

Our contemporary minds have been tricked into taking all the responsibility. Feeling helpless is one technique that is used get control over us. Religion is good at that and the politicians have learned that trick and are using it very effectively (eg Affordable Care Act). I am much more comfortable thinking that there things I just cannot control in life and that over time (probably many lifetimes) things will work out.

Anonymous said...

GOMI - Get off My Internets - has a discussion forum, and a smalls subforum dedicated to Catholic mommyblogs - it's under "Fundies." Also a forum dedicated to dissing Kendra Tierney of Catholic All Year. Just Google it. It's pretty funny.

It's all about the fangirling, hon. Putting yourself and your kids out there so fangirls can tell you how awesome you are (aka the incredibly vain and dissembling Jen Fulwiler)

ajl said...

Oh my, never heard of GOMI. Going to check it out. Thanks!

fRED, I never blamed this on God. I don't think there really is one.

I do blame it on religion and it proponents. The only ones I am really mad at are the ones who KNOWINGLY promote something so enslaving and false. Unless of course, they are trying to find other employment and get out