Thursday, May 19, 2016


Just for fun...

Me and my BFF at high school homecoming...
 We were non-conventional. Still love that dress!

 JPII Bible School Class of 98 (I think). I am in the front.
Me and Nicole posing for Outpour Music promotional materials.
 Catholic student retreat music ministry team, around 2000 AD.

Preforming Outpour songs.... somewhere.                              Steubenville Youth Conference

 At the recording studio.  So much fun.
 Prepping for the play in Italy at the big Festa de la Vita 2004.
 Mrs. Evalina McBride and me dancing....  Sweet woman with dementia I helped with Rehab at the nursing home I worked at during college.

 The days when I would indoctrinate my kids...
 Isaac dressed up like St. Francis for All Saints Day.

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