What NOW??

Time to LIVE

Now that I am not preoccupied about getting to Mass every Sunday and in between, I have more time on my hands to do REAL things in this REAL world.  I also have tons more time now that I am not trying to find adoration chapels to spend at least an hour a day. I am not praying the rosary once or more a day or trying to get to confession once a week.  I obviously have plenty to do with 6 kids, one who has severe special needs.  But, I finally have time to explore things other than religious propaganda.


I have written quite a few new songs.  But I need to get better recordings.

Finally taking a drawing class!

I have a building addiction. At least something productive happens with this addiction!


Finally found time to enjoy myself!

Can't explain enough how much I enjoy just spending time with my kids....  no religious education propaganda needed!

Enjoying Nature for nature's sake!
No divine creator needed to be in awe!

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