What NOW??

Time to LIVE

Now that I am not preoccupied about getting to Mass every Sunday and in between, I have more time on my hands to do REAL things in this REAL world.  I also have tons more time now that I am not trying to find adoration chapels to spend at least an hour a day. I am not praying the rosary once or more a day or trying to get to confession once a week.  I obviously have plenty to do with 6 kids, one who has severe special needs.  But, I finally have time to explore things other than religious propaganda.


I have written quite a few new songs.  But I need to get better recordings.

Finally taking a drawing class!

I have a building addiction. At least something productive happens with this addiction!


Finally found time to enjoy myself!

Can't explain enough how much I enjoy just spending time with my kids....  no religious education propaganda needed!

Enjoying Nature for nature's sake!
No divine creator needed to be in awe!


Anonymous said...

God is more real than everything you have posted here.

And the real tragedy of your life is not what you suffered but the fact that you do not realize how amazingly real and loving God is.


Anonymous said...

You wrote: No Divine Creator to be in Awe.

I say: No awesome nature to be in awe of without Divine Creator.